• Yamaha Tenere XT660Z 2008-2016 Raid Red Black

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Full customized graphics kits are perfect to add your name, number and logos onto an existing design.

Enter your customisations below.

PROVIDE YOUR BIKE PHOTO - to make the service more efficient and to choose the right model of your motorcycle, because there may be a difference in modifications.

Please read over the item’s description, there are the answers for the most frequent questions

Graphics kit includes

- Front number plate decal

- Front and rear fender decals

- Left and right hand side panel decals

- Left and right hand radiator shroud decals

- Lower fork guard decals

- Swing arm decals

- Air Box decals ( where applicable )


Item production and handling takes up to 5 days starting from the next day after the sell. We notice you as your order is produced and ready to ship.

Our materials

Print media:

Substance digital print is a revolutionary print film with FLO Technology, allowing for bubble-free application of graphics to motocross bikes, ATVs, karts, and other extreme applications.

Developed alongside Team Monster Energy Kawasaki in the USA, this film dramatically reduces installation times and eliminates bubbles. 

Our Overlamination

5.0 mil High-Performance Shiny Gloss Laminate

High-performance calendered overlaminate with UV protection. Provides excellent print protection and prevents premature fading and yellowing. Up to a 3-year outdoor life and exceptional choice for medium-term riding.

15.0 mil Premium Clear Overlaminate

Specifically engineered for motocross, ATVs, snowmobiles, side-x-sides, helmets, and other extreme applications requiring exceptional protection, durability, and flexibility.

Ultracurve 1500 is the market leader in motocross technology, trusted by the World’s fastest professional and amateur motocross riders.

15.0 mil Galactic (Galaxy and Gold Rain) Overlaminate

Take your graphics to another planet with Galactic Series products. An industry first, our revolutionary new overlaminates feature an embedded metallic flake in the film. Under shifting slight, graphics will take on a celestial appearance, illuminating with a "Galactic" reflection.

25.0 mil Textured/Embossed Clear High-Traction Overlaminate

That film is a heavily textured 25.0mil high-traction overlaminate, engineered for surfaces that require extreme traction and durability. Common applications protection providing scratch-resistance for printed graphics exposed to harsh environments.

About us

What customers think:

Few words about us:

We're on the market for more than 4 years, at the moment, we provide best service for customers around the world at Ebay and have earned many positive feedbacks and fans around the world.
We have earned our vocation among the masses through timely and high-quality customer service and the use of the best materials in the motorcycle graphics market such as Substance and high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers as Mimaki.

Our templates

Every graphics kit template comes through tough correction before being taking to design at. We create every graphics templates and try it on real bikes to get the best fit before being printed and sold. Our method of shape control helps us to provide the best fittings and gaps between plastics shapes and stickers.

We think about our clients wrapping skills and experience that is why we provide the best sticker shape to be easy installed on plastic according to its stretching with and without preheating. Some stickers have special slits to make the application quick and facile.

Unique design

  1. Ask us using “Contact us” section, order unique design and attach your bike photo.
  2. Present another’s graphics kit which you prefer if you want alike design. In case if you don’t have kit prototype tell us your preferences, wanted logos (or text) and represent samples of separated style parts. We make graphics design extremely close to your expectations, but note: the more accurate and clearer your description is the more precise and complete design would be.
  3. When design outline is shown, you may either accept it or make some corrections up to 3 times.
  4. As design is finished and accepted we notify you and list the designed graphics kit in “Items for sale”.
  5. Buy it as used to clicking “Buy it now”

Order stages

  1. Production - item production and handling takes up to 14 days starting from the next day after the sell. We will send you updates as your order is produced and ready to ship.
  2. Customs fees, brokerage fees, taxes, or duties are the buyer's responsibility and are not included in the cost of shipping listed at item's listing. Item values will be stated as the amount paid for that item (excluding shipping). We cannot mark items as "gifts".
  3. Once the parcel is handled we send its tracking number to you.

Installation steps

  1. Wash, degrease and polish the plastics before the kit installation;
  2. Do not use water to install the graphics despite of easier installation;
  3. Use the heatgun to heat stickers' edges and its body to 70C or 150F and smooth it away one more time after installation
  4. Leave installed graphics for 24 hours to let the glue to grasp to the plastics.

See the next video, they would be helpful (watch the second with subtitles because it's in russian but nevertheless it's really descriptive).


  • The graphics kit colors and shapes are represented for acquaintance only. The color representation may be slightly different between the screen and real printed kits. Shape of stickers may be changed without notice, but remains in the same quantity as represented.
  • We don’t reproduce another’s design ”one and the same” due to Copyright. We may develop design and separated elements as closer as possible to the original (wanted) graphics kit.
  • The time spent on design development doesn’t come into printing/shipping time.
  • Graphics do not cover all plastic surfaces. Use of graphics is to visually enhance the look of your vehicle. Not intended to cover or hide entirely the color of your original plastics.
  • Design will be performed under non-exclusive right basis and will be added to Outdoor Decals graphics kits collection.
  • If you ordered a kit for the wrong model, design or color and want to exchange it with the correct one, if available, a 25% restocking fee is applied.
  • Exchange requests are reviewed on a per order basis and are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Used or open kits will not be accepted and cannot be returned.
  • For compatibility or if you are not sure what model you have please contact us before ordering. We are not held responsible when ordering the wrong product, color or design.
Graphics kit film specifications
Thickness: 200μ/8mil Amateur Amateur (gloss and matte 8 mils, 200 μm) kit with thin overlamination. The decorative film to make your bike look cool and freshy, easy protection.
Thickness: 500μ/20mil Sport (gloss and matte 20 mils, 500 μm): this kit kind is exceptional protection durability and flexibility. One of market leading options in motocross industry.
Thickness: 715μ/28mil Pro Sport (grooved gloss 28mils, 715 μm). This kit is thick textured/embossed film for harsh environments. Best protection and anti-slip coating. Choice of professionals.
Durability All used film endures sand, water, mud, gasoline, oils and of course high-pressure washer.
Inlay: Chrome/Gold This inlay has extreme reflection and mirror finish. It is made and transferred to the graphics by hands. Amazing look and chrome or gold shimmering
Inlay: Holographic Stunning spectral colors may be seen from different position and angle you're looking at. Your bike will look outstanding with such spectral coloring.
Inlay: Neon Neon/Fluorescent materials are brighter than printed colors. All inlay series are hand-made and transferred to the graphics by hands.
Graphics kit model suitability
Bike model suitability Tenere 660, XT660Z
Bike production year 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Engine displacement 660
Order processing
Design We make as much correction as you want till you get satisfied with your future graphics.
Printing time frames After the design is accepted by you the order printing and handling take 5 working days
Shipping/Delivery Free shipping is applicable only for FULL graphics kit orders. The delivery usually takes 14 - 25 working days.
Return conditions We accept returns only for non custom made kits. Please note that we cannot accept returns on any custom printed products because they have been made specifically for you.

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Yamaha Tenere XT660Z 2008-2016 Raid Red Black

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200μ/8mil Gloss clear
200μ/8mil Matte clear
500μ/20mil Gloss clear
500μ/20mil Matte clear
500μ/20mil Galaxy Sparks
500μ/20mil Gold Sparks

  • $115.00

  • Ex Tax: $115.00

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